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With thanks to Kirstie Allsop on Chanel 4.

My Granddaughter has been at home with my daughter making these this morning.  I missed these on Kirstie's show but GD says hers are going to look fab.  They're going to send photos later, so I'll add them when I get them.  In the mean time - enjoy!

Paper birds
Want to make these cute paper birds as seen in Kirstie’s Handmade Britain? Here’s how.
By Kirstie Allsopp
  • Scrunched up newspaper
  • Sellotape on a dispenser
  • Wire for the legs
  • Wire cutter
  • Card for the beak
  • White acrylic paint
  • Coloured paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glue gun
  • PVA/decoupage glue
  • Decoupage paper
  • Hairdryer
  • Cardboard
  • Paper Varnish


Easy, but children should not be allowed to use the glue gun, as the glue gets very hot. Even adults should be careful.


Most keen gardeners or craftspeople will have the majority of these items already, so it will just cost you a couple of pounds for the wire. Otherwise, a basic glue gun costs under £10 from craft suppliers.


Up to two hours

Step One: Making The Form

Take a piece of scrunched up newspaper and begin to make the shape of the bird. Add other pieces of scrunched/ folded up newspaper and tape this to the initial piece. Add balls/wads of scrunched up paper over and over and over again until you are happy with the rough form of the bird. Tape it very tightly, to make the bird form very compact. You can play with the form quite a bit; making a big belly or a big bottom, and playing with different tails. With every piece of tape added, you smooth the paper down and make it more sculpted

Step Two: Shape The Legs

Make the bird's legs and feet out of wire. Prick a small hole into the base of the bird, where the legs will go. Use a glue gun to stick the legs onto/ into the bird.

Step Three: Cut Out The Beak

Cut out a cardboard beak and stick it on to the bird with glue

Step Four: Paint The Bird

It is very difficult to glue onto tape, so paint the bird first with acrylic white. Allow to dry.

Step Five: Add The Decoupage Decoration

Add layers of paper to decoupage the bird, using glue and selected cut out pieces of paper. See our decoupage how to for more tips. Allow to dry, then varnish.

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